Wisdom Teeth Removal in Lockport, IL

At the office of Patrick Healy, DDS, we perform wisdom teeth removal on a regular basis. While removing wisdom teeth is common practice in a dental office, we don’t take a common approach to this procedure. We work hard to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed during your procedure.

Because wisdom teeth can cause a lot of problems for patients, it’s important to determine if they need to be removed to prevent damage from occurring now and in the future. While not every patient needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, its often recommended to reduce the chance of crowding, pain, or damage to existing teeth down the road.

Every Patient is Different and Has Unique Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are located at the back of your mouth. However, what is interesting about wisdom teeth is that they do not extrude in all patients. Some patients go their whole lives without being bothered by their wisdom teeth, while other patients need to have them removed early on in life. In some cases, wisdom teeth can become impacted and cause a lot of pain. In these cases, although the teeth aren’t extruding, they’re removed to reduce discomfort.

A wisdom tooth does not always extrude fully. If you regularly visit our dental office, we’ll be able to catch the growth or extrusion of the tooth early and remove it upon discovery. For people who don’t attend regular check-ups or examinations, they may arrive at our dental office in Lockport, IL in a lot of pain. Even if patients choose not to visit a dental office to have the wisdom tooth removed, it could lead to infection or decay later on because the teeth won’t break through the gum tissue fully.

What is Involved in a Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure?

During wisdom teeth extraction or removal, we’ll reveal the tooth by opening the gum tissue. Patrick Healy, DDS will work to remove the tooth by using a tight grip and pressure to loosen it in place. This is virtually painless, and we’ll ensure that you’re feeling okay throughout the duration of the procedure. If you’ve ever had a tooth pulled in the past, you won’t feel much different during this procedure.

Depending on the patient, one or all of the wisdom teeth may be removed during the same visit. This depends on the patient and the reasons for removing the teeth.

At our dental office in Lockport, IL we offer our patients general anesthetic to make them feel comfortable during the procedure. It is up to you to decide what makes you comfortable for a procedure such as wisdom teeth removal. Our staff will be happy to discuss options with you when you arrive at our office for a consultation and examination.

What Can You Expect Following Your Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Following the removal of the tooth or teeth, we will close the gum tissue again using soluble stitches. These are stitches that can dissolve naturally so you don’t need to return to our office to have them removed; although, we will ask you to return if you have any issues and to provide a follow-up exam to ensure that there are no problems post-procedure.

It’s important for patients to come to their appointment with a friend or family member who can help them after the procedure. We don’t recommend that patients try to drive themselves to or from the procedure. Depending on the type of anesthetic patients opt for, they may be unable to function normally for them or where they can’t function as they might have anticipated. Safety first is important for all of our patients.

You should plan to rest following your wisdom teeth removal procedure. This procedure can cause significant bleeding and cause a lot of pain. Because every patient is different, it’s hard to tell what kind of pain you may experience, but we can provide you with comfort measures to help you feel more comfortable.

If you experience any significant pain or bleeding that won’t stop, call our dental office. Patrick Healy, DDS will see you to ensure problems do not persist.

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