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6 Month Braces” is the most innovative dental procedure in the last 25 years! Our practice has seen thousands of adult patients over the years frustrated by the lack of a “fast and affordable” way to straighten crooked or crowded teeth. For obvious reasons, adults do not want to spend 2 years in conventional braces at a typical cost of $4500.00.

“6 Month Braces” offers an AMAZING solution

“How can it take only 6 months?”
With “6 Month Braces”, our goal is purely cosmetic– to move the front teeth to their most beautiful position. Because we are not changing the bite by moving the back teeth, a significant amount of time is saved.

“Do the braces hurt?”
Not at all. We use very thin, flexible wires to gently move the teeth. The force on the teeth is much less than conventional braces. Patients regularly come to appointments surprised at how comfortable they have been.

“Why do they cost so much less than conventional braces?”
With “6 Month Braces”, patients usually have about 6-8 appoints, compared to the 17-20 appointments with conventional braces. Fewer appointments reduces our cost . We pass this savings on to you. The all-inclusive cost of $2200.00 includes everything: x-rays, models, pictures, braces and retainers.

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“Do you use metal braces?”
We use tooth colored (white) brackets so they are virtually “invisible”. The very thin wire is hardly noticeable –“you can’t see it in pictures”, as one of our patients said. We use the best materials and labs to ensure you get top quality from start to finish.

“Do they really work?”
Yes, they really work. Dr. Healy is able to determine at your free consultation whether you would benefit from this procedure. He will accurately predict your results. During the course of treatment, it’s wonderful for us to see patients regain confidence and self-esteem as their smile is quickly and dramatically improved. This improved self-image is carried into every part of their lives.


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